Beyond banking: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving and Carol Service of FCMB Christian Fellowship


In present day Nigeria, bankers are rightly or wrongly classified as busy individuals with poor work-life balance. In most circles, they are considered not ‘good enough’ for other things outside their banking engagements. The FCMB bankers have displayed an exceptional ability to be balanced and relevant to other areas of endeavours in the community they live. I have asked myself questions to know why I have spent longer years with FCMB than any of the other (3) prominent and leading Nigerian institutions I have worked. It appears the constellation of stars in the bank is a key factor that has kept me longing for more years in the institution (of course in addition to the admiration of the founder whose story I have followed in the last 17 years).

Last December (2014) was a period that cannot but be remembered due to the display of talents, beyond banking, by the staff of FCMB. The event was the 3rd Annual Thanksgiving and Carol Service hosted by FCMB Christian Fellowship at City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos on Wednesday December 17, 2014. Song selection, singing, conducting, script writing, dramatising, sound production, audio-visual and indeed almost everything about the event was by FCMB staff; It was an all FCMB staff affairs. The proceedings of the service was captured by Kene Okoye (a member of the fellowship) in a blog titled “Magnificent FCMB Christmas Carol and Thanksgiving Service“.

The performances were indeed magnificent. To appreciate this conclusion you need to see some of the clips from the event. Indeed the videos cannot give you the real feeling of being part of the event, you will however appreciate the experience of the people present.

Please sit back and enjoy the selection as presented below.

The play, The Annunciation is a nativity play written, directed and performed by staff of First City Monument Bank Limited (FCMB), Lagos, Nigeria.

In Kene’s word, “the Drama Crew thrilled as they recreated the events leading to the birth of Jesus Christ up to the visit of the Wise Men, in the piece titled ‘The Annunciation’. The script, written by the DH, Human Resources and Change Management; Felicia Obozuwa, was top-notch. Chris Iheuwa, our talented Director, did not disappoint as he got together a skilled crew, built a perfect set and in such a short time, got his cast to impressively interpret their roles.


Some of the presentations by the Choir are:

Ima Obong (Love of God) is a song from Calabar (Cross River state in the South South Region of Nigeria).
The FCMB Christian Fellowship Choir expressed their love for God through this song.


“Kére” in Yoruba language (South West region of Nigeria) is a call for attention. In “Kére Kére BàmBàm”, The FCMB Christian Fellowship Choir reminded the audience of the ‘reason for season’ by calling attention to the earthly mission of Jesus Christ. He came that you may be saved!


“Messiah, Olórun wa esé” is a thanksgiving song. The FCMB Christian Fellowship Choir led other staff of the bank present in the praise of God.



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